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Give your brain a memory workout using this fun app. Short-term Memory Workout is designed provide activities to help improve short-term memory capabilities.

Daily training activities will help improve memory capabilities. The Short-term Pattern Recall activity provides a workout for your ability to remember patterns that you see and hear. Choose the dice icon to generate a random pattern. Pay close attention while the pattern is shown. After seeing the pattern you will be asked to repeat the pattern by tapping the circular buttons on the hexagon.

The Shape and Location Sensory Recall activity focuses on the sensory recall aspect of memory. Use this activity to provide a workout that involves remember the shape and position of randomly placed on a 3×3 grid. Choose the dice icon to generate a random set of shapes placed at random locations on a 3×3 grid. After the shapes disappear, you are challenged to drag shapes from below the grid to show where the shapes were on the grid.

Challenge yourself to see how high of a score you can get on the Short-term Memory Workout activities. The scoreboard feature automatically keeps track of your scores.


Special features make using the Short-Term Memory Workout fun to use:

1. Randomly generated provide an almost infinite number of challenges.

2. Visual and auditory effects make the activities more appealing.

3. Scores are automatically kept.

4. Challenges increase in difficulty are your performance improves.

5. Sound effects and synthetic speech make the interaction even more fun.

6. Available for Macintosh, iPad and Apple TV devices.

Memory Workout 2

Memory Workout 3

Available now for Apple TV

Bring the excitement of a memory workout to the big screen in your classroom or living room with the Apple TV version of the Short-Term Memory Workout..

Memory Workout 3