Explore the Solar System Using an Exciting Interactive Learning Tool!
The Interactive Excitement of AR Technology in a Feature Packed Learning Tool


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Use the latest in AR technology to bring the entire solar system right into your immediate environment with this augmented reality app. Imagine the immersive thrill of an augmented reality experience for your students who are studying the solar system. Walk around and move forward and back to get close views of each planet. The Solar System - AR adds a whole new dimension for science teachers looking for way to engage their students with unique learning experiences.

Tables of information provided include:

  • Length of Day
  • Distance from the Sun
  • Diameter
  • Number of Moons
  • Mass

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Special features make using the The Solar System AR fun:

1. Tap buttons to learn about mass, distance from sun, and diameter

2. interesting facts are presented about each of the planets. Optionally the text can be read aloud by the iPad.

3. Use AR technology to walk up to and around planets for a closer view.

4. Read about some of the amazing features of each planet or use synthesized speech to hear the information read to you.

5. Sound effects make the interaction even more fun.

6. Available exclusively for iPad devices.


Bring the excitement of exploring the solar system into your classroom or living room with the the Solar System AR app.