A Set of Four Interactive Math Experiences to Provide Enrichment for Elementary and Middle School Students...  

Math Widgets IV is designed to help kids with improve their financial literacy. The app has four modules or sections: Savings Accounts, Buying a Car, Buying a Home and Credit.

Students enter numbers into appropriate fields and target specific calculations. Randomly generated questions ask students to solve problems involving financial situations, for example: "Jake got $100 for his 10th birthday. If he saves the money at 1.5%, how much interest will he have earned when he is 20 years old if the account is compounded monthly?"

The purpose of the app is to help kids become more aware of the implications of financial decisions.

For iPad and Apple TV devices.

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Enjoy using Math Widgets on your Apple TV. Both versions, iOS and tvOS are available for one low price.
Use Math Widgets on your Apple TV. Select objects using the Siri Remote or compatible game controller. The Apple TV version is perfect for small group problem solving interaction and cooperative learning experiences.
Math Widgets is now available at the Apple iTunes Store.