A Set of Four Interactive Math Experiences to Provide Enrichment for Elementary and Middle School Students...  

Math Widgets III is the third app in the Math Widgets Series and is a collection of four interactive tools for teaching and learning basic math concepts. The Multibase Abacus Widget helps students understand the meaning of the place value system by challenging them to represent numbers using different number systems. By sliding abacus beads up and down the students represent numbers. The challenge is to show a number equivalent to a given Base 10 number.

The Clock Arithmetic Widget displays a clock face and an arrow. The challenge is to find the answers to modular arithmetic challenges.

The Goldbach's Conjecture Widget encourages students to explore the idea that every even number greater than 2 can be expressed as the sum of two primes. Goldbach proposed this idea in a letter to Euler. Mathematics have tried for centuries but have never be able to prove this conjecture.

Hexagon Arithmetic displays six emojis in a hexagonal pattern. The goal is complete the table by moving the correct emojis into the cells of the grid.

Math Widgets is designed to provide math enrichment for elementary and middle school age students and is appropriate for school or home use.

For iPad and Apple TV devices.

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Enjoy using Math Widgets on your Apple TV. Both versions, iOS and tvOS are available for one low price.
Use Math Widgets on your Apple TV. Select objects using the Siri Remote or compatible game controller. The Apple TV version is perfect for small group problem solving interaction and cooperative learning experiences.
Math Widgets is now available at the Apple iTunes Store.