A Set of Four Interactive Math Experiences to Help Kids Develop Essential Concepts ...  

Math Widgets is a collection of four interactive tools for teaching and learning basic math concepts.

The Slide Rule Widget helps students understand the meaning of addition and subtraction. By sliding the rule right or left the students represent an addition or subtraction problem in a way that is similar to how a classic slide rule works.

The Fraction Action Widget displays at random a problem fraction. The student's challenge is to locate an equivalent fraction on the number line ruler.

The Integers Widget provides practice in finding the answers to problems involving the addition of positive and negative integers. The students use a number line to locate answers which help them to see the meaning of adding both positive and negative numbers. Examples of problems are: -3 + -5 = -8 or 6 - 8 = -2.

The Coordinate Grid Widget helps students learn how to locate points on a coordinate grid using the x and y axes. Each of the quadrants are labelled and students receive feedback as they attempt to locate a set of give points.

For iPad and Apple TV devices.

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Enjoy using Math Widgets on your Apple TV. Both versions, iOS and tvOS are available for one low price.
Use Math Widgets on your Apple TV. Select objects using the Siri Remote or compatible game controller. The Apple TV version is perfect for small group problem solving interaction and cooperative learning experiences.
Math Widgets is now available at the Apple iTunes Store.