Practice basic math facts. Improve reading and math skills. Understand algebra concepts. Memorize chemistry symbols. Learn the alphabet. Our apps help students of all ages to learn and practice basic and advanced skills in a fun, interactive format. Concept development apps encourage exploration and discovery.

Open-ended, multiple level apps allow users to learn by doing. Problems are randomized and auditory feedback gives positive reinforcement. Perfect for classroom or home use! With educational apps from Ventura Educational Systems, students are motivated to learn and practice skills anywhere. Check out our Apps For Education Blog by clicking here.

Volume Purchase Program for Education

Most of our apps are designed for use in schools. They are ad-free and curriculum-based. The Volume Purchase Program allows educational institutions to purchase our apps and books in volume and distribute them to students, teachers, administrators, and other employees. Apps in this program are offered with special pricing for purchases of 20 apps or more. [Additional Information]

Two New Titles in our Math Power Series
Interactive devices are a great way to illustrate mathematical concepts, but it is difficult for schools to have enough resources for classroom teachers to have sets of math manipulative devices so that each students can engage in interactive hands-on learning. With the advent of devices like the iPad, virtual math manipulative devices can be provided at a fraction of the cost. Try our new interactive math apps, Pascal's Triangle and Napier's Bones, with your students in order to provide exceptional learning experiences.
New Apps for Apple TV
Supporting tvOS 9.0 and higher.

Check out our new apps for Apple. We've been busy creating tvOS versions of some of our fun and exciting apps. These apps are currently available from the Apple iTunes store for Apple TV.

Acey-Deucey Green Light - Mystery Number Game
Algebra Ace Hop To It Math
Awari The Fifteen Puzzle - Deluxe
Binary Clock Math Aquarium
Black Jack - Vegas Style Math Bingo K-6
Class TimerMath Tables
Dragon Counts to Ten Math Tiles
Go Home Dragon Math Discs
Critter Corner The Menagerie
Robot Battle  
Poker Time Deluxe Quiz Calc
Find the Difference? Underwater Math Adventure
FrogGo Who Is It, Dragon?

New Apps for
Apple Watch

Supporting tvOS 9.0 and higher.


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MindTweak is like taking your brain to the gym for a visual thinking workout. Visual thinking refers to the skills involved in reading, interpreting, comprehending, comparing, analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating visual information.



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Elements - Periodic Table Reference for Apple Watch

Elements - Periodic Table Reference for Apple Watch provides detailed information on all the elements in the Periodic Table. Simple taps guide you through the elements and a swipe reveals specific information for the selected element.



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If you like word puzzles, enjoy a good word game with friends, or can't wait for the Sunday paper with a new crossword puzzle, you'll enjoy our unique collection of word Plexers. Plexers are puzzles where clever arrangements of letters or symbols give each puzzle a special meaning. The challenge is to figure out the meaning. Plexers are designed to encourage you, your friends or students to think clearly, creatively and logically.


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PokerTime Deluxe

Can't make it to Vegas this weekend? It's still poker time with the Poker Time Deluxe app. Get the action of video poker right on your iOS device with our fun, interactive video poker simulation. No ads interrupt your game so it's nothing but non-stop fun on your iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch.


A New Book by Marne Ventura, M.A.

Google Glass and Robotics Innovator Sebastian Thrun
(STEM Trailblazer Bios)

Have you ever wished you could use technology to improve people's lives? Ever since he was a teenager, Sebastian Thrun wanted to build machines that helped people. Read about Sebastian Thruns exciting life in this new biography by Marne Ventura, M.A. published by Lerner. To purchase these books click here.

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