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States and Capitals - Geography Study Unit for iPad is a useful tool for any teacher who is interested in helping kids learn U.S. geography.

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The States and Capitals - Geography Study Unit presents maps of the United States to help students learn the names and locations of states and their capitals. This colorful app provides a variety of activities and presents information about each state including postal abbreviation, highest point, time zone, date admitted to the union, area in square miles and square kilometers, population and the number of electoral votes. A game-like quiz challenges students to match a state with its capital. Another game randomly selects a state and asks the student to locate the capital on a map.

Information presented while using the app:

  • Name
  • Capital
  • Postal Abbreviation
  • Highest Point
  • Time Zone
  • Date Admitted to the Union
  • Area in Square Miles and Square Kilometers
  • Population
  • Number of Electoral Votes.

Maps presented in the app:

  • Black Line
  • Color Map Showing States
  • Land Elevations
  • Time Zones
  • Geographical Regions

Available for iPadOS.

States and Capitals Podcast Available on Spotify.

States and Capitals is now available on the App Store.