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Asian Countries and Capitals
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Asian Countries and Capitals - Geography Study Unit for iPad is a useful tool for any teacher who is interested in helping kids learn the geography of Asia.


Asian Countries and Capitals - Geography Study Unit presents maps of the Asia to help students learn the names and locations of the countries and their capitals. This colorful app provides a variety of activities and presents information about each country including abbreviation, highest point, time zone, population, area in square miles and square kilometers, and the type of government. A game-like quiz challenges students to match a country with its capital. Another game randomly selects a country and asks the student to locate the capital on a map.

Information presented while using the app:

  • Name
  • Capital
  • Abbreviation
  • Highest Point
  • Time Zone
  • Area Rank
  • Area in Square Miles and Square Kilometers
  • Population
  • Type of Government.

Maps presented in the app:

  • Black Line
  • Color Map Showing Countries
  • Land Elevation
  • Time Zones
  • Geographical Regions

Available for iOS.

Asian Countries and Capitals is now available on the App Store.