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A hundreds chart is a basic and effective elementary math teaching tool. Hundreds Chart Deluxe is an exciting learning platform to study number concepts and more.

A typical hundreds chart is a 10-by-10 grid with numbers from one to one hundred printed in the squares or cells of the chart. Usually the starting number on a hundreds chart is 1, but some teachers like to change the starting to a different positive or negative integer. Hundreds Chart Deluxe allows the user to select a starting number between -10 and +10.

The educational purpose for using a hundreds chart can include learning to skip count. Skip counting is a method of counting where a constant number is added to the previous number in the sequence. Skip counting can also be a process of counting down by a certain constant. Skip counting can use any number but typically 2, 5, 10 and 100 are used.

Hundreds Chart Deluxe provides 6 different markers. The markers can be any of nine colors. As students mark patterns on the hundreds chart they will observe that designs emerge. Counting be 3's ,for example, produces diagonal lines.

Using different markers and different colors to lay patterns over patterns reveals to students the concept of common multiples. The idea of least common multiple, LCM, is important for developing algebra skills.

Hundreds Chart Deluxe creates a virtual math playground where students explore, investigate and discover mathematical concepts. Students use colored markers on the Interactive Hundreds Chart to represent patterns and number sequences.

Using Hundreds Chart Deluxe students can develop the following important mathematical concepts:

• Skip-Counting
• Number Patterns
• Multiplication and Division Facts
• Prime and Composite Numbers
• Least Common Multiple
• Divisibility of Numbers and more...

Speech is used in the app to give instructions. Sound effects make using the app fun for students.



The activities include the following:

1. Marking Multiples of Numbers
2. Finding Number Patterns
3. Finding Common Multiples
4. Least Common Multiple Concept
5. Square Numbers
6. Six Comparison Symbols: =,<,>,<=,>=,<>
7. Prime Numbers
8. The Fibonacci Sequence
9. Positive and Negative Integers
10. Mathematically Defined Designs

The app uses speech and sound effects to present the activities and to make the learning experience more exciting.

Speech and sound effects make using the app even more fun. The app provides a great starting point for the creative exploration of number concepts. Hours of fun!

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Special features make using the Hundreds Chart Deluxe app fun:

1. Develop number concepts and arithmetic skills while preparing for more challenging concepts in algebra with this fun to use app.

2. Speech and sound effects.

3. Available for iPad iOS and Apple tvOS.

4. Available at a discount to schools participating in Apple's Volume Purchase Program.


Teachers: Can you image how useful it would be to have a giant hundreds chart on the presentation system in your classroom? Hundreds Chart Deluxe is designed for Apple TV giving you the ability to interact with a hundreds chart from anywhere in your classroom. Hundreds Chart tvOS