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SpeedSkin Keyboard Covers    
SpeedSkin Keyboard Covers
SpeedSkin Peek-Proof Covers for Teaching Typing

Teaching keyboarding to students starting in early elementary school gives them the key to the keyboard. The keyboard is the key to the computer. The computer is the key to communication.

The New SpeedSkin UltraSlim Gen 2 Chromebook Cover- Fit all Chromebooks.

Are you using Chromebooks at your school? If so, order the UltraSlim for Chromebooks SpeedSkin cover to help build keyboarding skills.

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Apps Available for Apple Macintosh, iPad, Apple TV & iPhones

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Now with the introduction of the M1 processor and the latest Macintosh operating system, Ventura Educational Systems is proud to announce the release of several new apps for the Macintosh platform. Many of the apps in our Giants of Math and Science series are now available for Macintosh, in addition to iOS and tvOS. A single purchase gets you all three platforms so your students can learn STEM topics on either an Mac, an iPad or as a teacher you can use these apps for presentations on an Apple TV in your classroom.

Giants of Math and Science
Coffee Cup


Enjoy your favorite beverage in this beautiful 15 oz. ceramic mug and celebrate the achievements of the giants of math and science. Click here for 3-D Rendering. Celebrate the achievements of the giants of math and science using this high-quality mug. These women and men brought about breakthroughs that have had a significant impact on important areas of math and science.

The perfect gift for a favorite teacher or mentor...

Leonhard Euler • Mathematician   Archimedes • Mathematician & Inventor
Ada Lovelace • The First Coder   Leonardo Fibonacci • Mathematician
Cecila Payne • Astronomer & Astrophysicist   Sir Isaac Newton • Mathematican, Physicist & Astronomer
Johannes Kepler • Astronomer & Mathematician   Blaise Pascal • Mathematician • Scientist & Philosopher
Albert Einstein • Theoretical Physicist   Galileo Galilei • Father of Modern Science
Earnest Rutherford • Nuclear Physicist   Gregor Mendel • Botanist
James Maxwell • Physicist & Mathematician   Bonaventura Cavalieri • Mathematician

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Hundreds Chart Deluxe

A hundreds chart is a basic and effective elementary math teaching tool. Hundreds Chart Deluxe is an exciting learning platform to study number concepts and more.

A typical hundreds chart is a 10-by-10 grid with numbers from one to one hundred printed in the squares or cells of the chart. Usually the starting number on a hundreds chart is 1, but some teachers like to change the starting to a different positive or negative integer. Hundreds Chart Deluxe allows the user to select a starting number between -10 and +10.

The educational purpose for using a hundreds chart can include learning to skip count. Skip counting is a method of counting where a constant number is added to the previous number in the sequence. Skip counting can also be a process of counting down by a certain constant. Skip counting can use any number but typically 2, 5, 10 and 100 are used. [ More ]

Now available for iPad OS, MacOS (Big Sur) and tvOS

Aristotle - Ancient Greek Philosopher, with this app students learn about the life and contributions to philosophy and science made by Aristotle. It discusses how his ideas had a lasting influence of Western Civilization for centuries.

Many historians consider Aristotle to be one of the greatest philosophers of all time. He lived at a time when many believed that mystical forces controlled all of existence, but Aristotle promoted the beginnings of scientific thinking. His theory that all matter was made up of four elements was a widely accepted view in Europe for over one thousand years. While the idea was not exactly correct, it did lay the foundation for modern atomic theory in that all matter is made from elements.

Aristotle lived during the Classical period in Ancient Greece. Aristotle's contributions in politics, ethics and psychology became the basis for modern thinking. Aristotle founded a school, the Lyceum, in Athens, where he developed his ideas. After establishing the school, he spent most of the rest of his life studying, teaching and writing.

Using this app students learn about his interesting life. It includes introductory information about early models of the universe. For example, Aristotle believed that the Earth was round based on his observations of the shadow of the Earth during a lunar eclipse. We hope that this app will inspire students to pursue careers in philosophy and science. Students will enjoy using this graphically illustrated, interactive learning tool. The map feature presents key events in the history of Greece. Tapping on map points brings up descriptions of historically significant events that occurred during Aristotle's time. A quiz function helps students demonstrate their comprehension of the reading material. Key science concepts are shown in colorful illustrations. The app shows that Aristotle certainly deserves the place he has earned in the history of philosophy and science. [ More ]


Give your child a strong foundation in language skills with this fun app. What Does a Cow Say? helps your preschooler practice speaking, understanding, and communicating in an enjoyable, interactive way.

Each page has a delightful animated character and asks the child to participate in reading the story by responding with the sound the animal makes. To treasure these moments you can record the auditory interaction by holding the record button while reading the story. Tapping another button will playback the audio recording.

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Children's Books by Marne Ventura, M.A.

12 Women in Politics

Meet 12 women who challenged stereotypes, overcame barriers, and opened doors. Books in this series spotlight a diverse selection of women who from history, the present, and around the world. Some were the first in their fields. Some rose to the top of companies, even nations. Some quietly did their job and had a lasting impact. Get to know them all. 

The Women Who Changed the World series profiles inspiring, influential women who challenged stereotypes, overcame barriers, and opened doors. Some were first women in their fields. Some rose to the top of companies (and nations) previously run by men. Some were activists, some were queens, some quietly did their jobs and had a lasting impact. Each book profiles 12 living and historical diverse women whose accomplishments in their field changed the world. [ More ]

Big Book of Building

Grab some paper, cardboard, duct tape, and other materials and get ready to blast away boredom! Inventive young builders will love creating awesome projects such as treasure chests, tin can robots, space stations, swords and armor, and a whole lot more. With easy to follow step-by-step instructions, readers will be building their own fantastic projects in no time!

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Chemistry Projects to Build On: 4D An Augmented Reading Experience (Take Making to the Next Level 4D)

Bubble, pop, fizz! These chemical reaction projects will take your makerspace to the next level. Teach kids science basics and then build on them. Learn why chemical reactions happen, and how to make and take them to the next level. Bonus video tutorials and other content available on the free Capstone 4D app gives students an augmented reality experience that goes beyond the printed page.

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