Creative Fun with Word Magnets for Lovers ...



Create your own love art using more than 300 magnetic words that relate to relationships and romance. Express yourself in new way.

Create a snapshot of your love poetry and email it to a friend.

Here is a poetic example with a bit of alliteration: cuddle and kiss by candlelight?

Find creative ways to combine words and make up a unique phrase: blazing kisses or honey hugs?

Have fun expressing the joys of love!

We also have Word Magnets for Skeptics!


Word Magnets for Lovers

Word Magnets for Lovers has a simple to use interface to encourage your creative insights.

Control Functions:

  • Tap right or left arrow icons to get more words
  • Tap the dice icon to randomly selected a group of words
  • Use the slider to select a word group.
  • Tap the eraser icon to clear the work area.

See Word Magnets for Lovers in Action!

[ Video ]

Word Magnets for Lovers is now available at the Apple iTunes Store.