Creative Fun with Word Magnets for Skeptics ...


We also have Word Magnets for Lovers!

Create your own skeptical art using more than 200 magnetic words that relate to science and skepticism, plus a few in-jokes for fans of The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe podcast!

Here are a few of the phrases you can make:

the plural of anecdote is not evidence

science or fiction

nano robots abducted Bob

bird vs monkey

to make an apple pie from scratch you must first invent the universe

Steve debunked homeopathy

. . . and many more


Word Magnets for Skeptics

Word Magnets for Skeptics has a simple to use interface to encourage your creative insights.

Control Functions:

  • Tap right or left arrow icons to get more words
  • Tap the dice icon to randomly selected a group of words
  • Use the slider to select a word group.
  • Tap the eraser icon to clear the work area.

See Word Magnets for Skeptics in Action!

[ Video ]

Word Magnets for Skeptics is now available at the Apple iTunes Store.
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