Math Power Series

Pascal's Triangle

for iPad and Apple TV.

Two New Titles in our Math Power Series
Interactive devices are a great way to illustrate mathematical concepts, but it is difficult for schools to have enough resources for classroom teachers to have sets of math manipulative devices so that each students can engage in interactive hands-on learning. With the advent of devices like the iPad, virtual math manipulative devices can be provided at a fraction of the cost. Try our new interactive math apps, Pascal's Triangle and Napier's Bones, with your students in order to provide exceptional learning experiences.

Explore the mathematical mysteries and marvels of Pascal's Triangle with this highly interactive app for iPad and Apple TV. Choose a color and mark a pattern on the chart to discover a mathematical relationship. Tap the Pascal icon and a note pops up with an interesting fact about Pascal's Triangle. Tap the sigma icon to get statistics about the patterns on the chart. Tap the question mark to start a quiz and review the concepts presented.

Because the Pascal's Triangle app is designed as an open-ended tool that teachers can use it as a presentation tool to lead students into fascinating mathematical discoveries. Topics include: Fibonacci Numbers, Triangular Numbers, Square Numbers, Palindromes, and Powers.

Students will enjoy using this interactive learning tool. The Pascal's Triangle app creates a colorful learning environment with mild sound effects and provides motivation for exploring math concepts and encourages discoveries.

Now enjoy teaching and learning with Pascal's Triangle on your IPad or Apple TV. Download the app from the iTunes Store now!