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Napier's Bones

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Two New Titles in our Math Power Series
Interactive devices are a great way to illustrate mathematical concepts, but it is difficult for schools to have enough resources for classroom teachers to have sets of math manipulative devices so that each students can engage in interactive hands-on learning. With the advent of devices like the iPad, virtual math manipulative devices can be provided at a fraction of the cost. Try our new interactive math apps, Pascal's Triangle and Napier's Bones, with your students in order to provide exceptional learning experiences.

John Napier's contribution to mathematics was truly significant. Born in Scotland, Napier studied as a mathematician, physicist and astronomer.

He is best known as the inventor of logarithms, but he also invented one of the first computing devices. The device, known as Napier's Bones, is manually operated and can be used to find the products and quotients of numbers.

Napier's device was based on Arab mathematics and used the lattice method of multiplication. Each of the rods are inscribed with the multiplication tables for a specific number. By arranging the rods on the board, the product of two numbers can be found by performing addition operations.

Use the Napier's Bones app to learn how one of the earliest calculating devices worked. More than 400 years ago, people used Napier's Bones to find the product of large numbers. In using this simulation you will discover a new insight into multiplication.

Have fun!

Shown here running on an Apple iPad Pro.

Shown here running on an Apple iPad Mini 4.

Students will enjoy using this interactive learning tool. The Napier's Bones app creates a colorful learning environment with mild sound effects and provides motivation for exploring math concepts and encourages discoveries.

Now enjoy teaching and learning with Napier's Bones on your iPhone, IPad or Apple TV. Download the app from the iTunes Store now!


Available for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. In addition to the Siri remote, the tvOS app works with compatible bluetooth game controllers.