Lessons Based on the Common Core Standards for Mathematics Instruction
Math Skills

Welcome to Math Grid Magic. Math Grid Magic makes practicing adding whole numbers and integers fun. The app provides teachers and parents with an educational tool for teaching an important skill using problem solving method that help develop intuition about numbers and their relationships. The app creates a number puzzle using integers between -20 ad +20. The skills needed solve the puzzles are developed incrementally using a sound educational approach.

The app uses an active learning approach. Students slide number tiles in order to find the answer to an addition problem. Based on Common Core Standards, Math Grid Magic gives kids the power to use their iPads to learn a skill that they will use for their entire lives. Math Grid Magic provides teachers with unlimited set of puzzles using a grid format.

Teachers can select the appropriate level for their students by tapping the settings button and using the slider to specify a set of objective. The options allow teachers to select just whole numbers or to also include negative integers in the randomly generated puzzles.

Adding Integers

Welcome to Math Grid Magic. This app provides randomly generated math puzzles to help students improve addition skills focusing one whole numbers and integers. It is the perfect app to supplement the elementary math curriculum.

This app is aligned to the Common Core Standards for Mathematics.

Math Grid Magic - Overview

Math Grid Magic - The perfect way to help your students master addition skills using numbers from -20 to +20.

Addition Skills




As students work with this educational app they will improve and strengthen their math skills.

Use Math Grid Magic to provide an open-ended exploratory environment for learning. The grid-based puzzle format stimulates interest and helps students develop mathematical insights.

  • Select 1 of 8 objectives using a slider to select a range of numbers
  • Use a manipulative approach to define answers to randomly generated puzzles.
  • Monitor student's progress with a scoreboard and detailed report.

By using the app students will be better able to:

  • Add numbers between -20 and +20 accurately.

Standards Based Content

Help your students master the Common Core Standards Based content for addition with numbers from -20 to +20.


Math Grid Magic Gameboard  

Students can use the Math Grid Magic gameboard to learn and practice adding numbers between -20 and +20. By moving number tiles to a grid, students use problem solving skills to find the solutions to an unlimited number of randomly generated math puzzles.

  • Randomly Generated Puzzles at 8 Different Levels
  • Interactive Number Tiles
  • Self Scoring Quiz
  • Supports Common Core Math Objectives
  • Focuses on Learning by Doing Strategies
  • On/Off Options and Controls for Various Features




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Math Grid is Now Available at the Apple iTunes Store.