Use the What Does a Cow Say to introduce your toddler to language...
An Interactive Activity to Help Build Language Skills and a Love of Learning...


Give your child a strong foundation in language skills with this fun app. What Does a Cow Say? helps your preschooler practice speaking, understanding, and communicating in an enjoyable, interactive way.

Each page has a delightful animated character and asks the child to participate in reading the story by responding with the sound the animal makes. To treasure these moments you can record the auditory interaction by holding the record button while reading the story. Tapping another button will playback the audio recording.

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Special features make using the What Does a Cow Say app fun:

1. Improve language skills and increase interest in reading.

2. Read the pages in order or tap the random button to jump to a random page.

3. Speech and sound effects.

4. Available for iPad iOS.