Explore Trigonometry in a New Way Using Augmented Reality
The Interactive Excitement of AR Technology in a Feature Packed Learning Tool



Check out our Geometry Portal AR and Geometry AR for middle school and high school age students!


Bring the excitement of exploring trigonometry concepts right into your classroom or living room with the the Trigonometry Portal AR app.



Create virtual rooms filled with information about key terms and concepts from the high school trigonometry curriculum.

Explore trigonometry in a new way with the Trigonometry Portal AR. Use the camera view on your iPad to detect a flat surface and then tap the screen. Instantly a portal opens to a world filled with information about the terms and concepts that are part of the trigonometry curriculum.

Walk around in the augmented reality trigonometry portal. Tap on the walls and other objects in the rooms to get more information and to hear Siri read aloud information about the selected item. Scroll through a list of terms related to the rooms, walls and objects in the portal.

Trigonometry Portal AR creates virtual rooms that are approximately 4 meters by 7 meters. It is best used in a well-lit open space, perhaps in a school's auditorium or multi-purpose room.

Be sure that your iPad allows access to the camera function by choosing Settings -> General -> Restrictions -> Off.

Terms and Key Concepts from the Trigonometry curriculum that are included:

right angle
right triangle
unit circle
unit circle sine
unit circle cosine
unit circle tangent
unit circle cosecant
unit circle secant
unit circle cotangent
domain sine
domain cosine
domain tangent
range for sine(theta)
range for cosine(theta)
period of sin(x)
period of cos(x)
period of tan(x)
period of cosecant(x)
period of secant(x)
period of cotangent(x)
sin 2(θ)
cos 2(θ)
tan 2(θ)

degrees to radians
sum and difference (sin)
sum and difference (cos)
sum and difference (tan)
tangent identity
cotangent identity
Pythagorean identities (1)
Pythagorean identities (2)
Pythagorean identities (3)
even/odd identities (1)
even/odd identities (2)
even/odd identities (3)
even/odd identities (4)
even/odd identities (5)
even/odd identities (6)
periodic formula (1)
periodic formula (2)
periodic formula (3)
periodic formula (4)
periodic formula (5)
periodic formula (6)
half angle formula (1)
half angle formula (2)
half angle formula (3)
basic functions
arc is 30°
arc is 45°
arc is 60°
arc is 90°
arc is 120°
arc is 135°
arc is 150°
arc is 180°
arc is 210°

arc is 225°
arc is 240°
arc is 270°
arc is 300°
arc is 315°
arc is 330°
arc is 360°
inverse (sin)
inverse (cos)
inverse (tan)
trigonometry laws (1)
trigonometry laws (2)
trigonometry laws (3)
Mollweide's formula
domains/ranges sine
domains/ranges cosine
domains/ranges tangent
cofunction formulas (cosine)
cofunction formulas (cosecant)
cofunction formulas (cotangent)
cofunction formulas (cosine)
cofunction formulas (cosecant)
cofunction formulas (cotangent)

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Special features make using the Trigonometry Portal AR fun:

1. Explore virtual rooms filled with algebraic information.

2. Tap buttons, objects and walls, to learn to about the properties of real numbers other important concepts.

2. A fun way to encourage social interaction while learning and using Augmented Reality. Optionally the names of shapes and descriptions can be read aloud by the iPad.

3. Use AR technology to walk up to and around rooms exploring shapes to view from a different perspective.

4. Use synthesized speech to hear the names of the shapes and to learn about their properties.

5. Sound effects make the interaction even more fun.

6. Available exclusively for iPad devices.