Use Geometric Transformations to Help Students Visualize Reflections, Rotations, Translations and Dilations...
An Interactive App to Inspire Kids to Enjoy Math and Problem Solving...


Geometric Transformations is a tool designed to help students explore reflection, dilation, rotation, and translation of figures on a Cartesian plane. Use Geometric Transformation to help students visualize basic geometric transformations on a four-Quadrant grid. Draw figures on an XY grid. As shapes are draw the coordinate pairs that describe the vertices are automatically labeled. Once a figure is draw it can be transformed by tapping an icon representing one of the four operations: reflect, dilate, rotate and translate.

Suggestions for what to draw are randomly generated so the app presents an unlimited amount of geometric challenges.

The app is a available at a discount for volume purchasing on Apple School Manager.



Special features make using the Geometric Transformations app fun:

1. Students are motivated to learn about transformational geometry by using this exciting interactive tool.

2. Use the app with screen sharing software to show your teacher, parents and friends your mathematical discoveries.

3. Speech and sound effects.

4. Available for iPad iOS.

5. Available at a discount to schools participating in Apple's Volume Purchase Program.