Use Token Puzzles to Build Logical Thinking Skills...
An Interactive App to Inspire Creative Thinking and Problem Solving, Help Build Logical Thinking Skills...


Token Puzzles is a creative app for building problem solving and logical thinking skills. Enjoy solving brain teasers by moving tokens in each puzzle.

The app consists of ten different types of puzzles. Puzzles are generated randomly so the app can be used repeatedly. In some cases the goal is to solve the puzzle in the least number of moves. Some of the puzzles are purely logical puzzles, others involve using basic math skills. This app is a perfect addition to any schools collection of educationally sound iPad apps.

The app stores scores and the students can continually try to improve their score. Speech and sound effects make using the app even more fun. Click the dice icon to get a random suggestion of which puzzle to solve. Hours of fun!

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Special features make using the Token Puzzles app fun:

1. Develop logical thinking skills with this fun to use app.

2. Save your scores to show your teacher, parents and friends.

3. Speech and sound effects.

4. Available for iPad iOS.