Use Spelling Bee Champ to Enhance Your Language Arts Curriculum...
An Interactive Spelling Activity to Help Build Language Skills...


Spelling Bee Champ is a fun way for kids to practice spelling skills. The app uses word lists for grades 1 through 6.

Spelling Bee Champ helps to make practicing spelling fun. Words are presented orally and then given context in a sentence. The student's challenge is to spell the word correct by typing using a keyboard that is displayed on the iPad screen. When a word is spelled correct a positive reward and message appear. The goal is to spell ten words correctly.

Special sound effects and speech make the game fun to use and the interactive design facilitates engaging learning strategies.

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Special features make using the Spelling Bee Champ app fun:

1. Improve listening and spelling skills while having fun.

2. Words are randomly selected from grade level word lists 1-6).

3. Speech and sound effects make the app more engaging.

4. Available for iPad iOS and tvOS systems.