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How have the symbols that people use for numbers changed over the centuries? What role have women played in the development of mathematics? What are fractals? Reading Skills 6A is a collection of nonfiction passages with interactive learning activities, written and developed by Fred Ventura, Ph.D. This app is a part of the Reading Skills Series published by Ventura Educational Systems.

Reading Skills 6A - Mathematics

Welcome to Reading Skills 6A Mathematics. This app presents twelve high-interest passages with stories and information about math topics at the sixth-eighth grade reading level. Each passage is followed by three activities to help readers strengthen their reading skills.

Reading nonfiction is an essential skill for literacy. Reading Skills 6A Mathematics provides fun, exciting information about the history of numbers, roots of geometry, logic, mathematicians, fractals and much more.

Reading Skills 6A - Overview

Each passage is followed by three engaging activities based on the following Common Core Standards for Grade 6 Language Arts:

Multiple Meaning Words
Fact vs. Opinion
Main Idea and Supporting Ideas
Author's Purpose
Drawing Conclusions
Compare and Contrast
Synonyms and Antonyms
Using Text Features

Reading Skills 6A


Engaging Content

How were the pyramids built? Did you know that Ada Lovelace wrote the first computer program more than 100 years ago? What are Fibonacci numbers? These are just a few of the fascinating topics presented in the reading passages for this app.



As students work with this educational app they will improve and strengthen their reading skills. Each high-interest reading passage about mathematics has follow-up activities to help build vocabulary and enhance comprehension.

Using Reading Skills 6A provides three follow-up activities for each of the 12 passages:

  • Word Fun - is a word game where a clue is given along with the scrambled letters of a vocabulary word from the passage. The challenge for the student is to unscramble the letters to spell the word.
  • Fact Check - is a activity designed to help improve recall and comprehension. When doing this activity students will read a statement and tap either True or False based on the facts presented in the passage.
  • Skills Practice - is a activity where questions based on the selected passage is presented. Students demonstrate their reading comprehension skills by answering multiple choice questions.
High-Interest Reading Passages
Interactive Games and Activities
  • High-Interest Content about Math Related Topics
  • Interactive Activities to Build and Reinforce Reading Skills
  • Supports Common Core Reading Objectives
  • Focuses on Learning by Doing Strategies
  • Engaging Reading Activities Presented in an Open-ended Learning Environment
  • On/Off Options and Controls for Various Features

Improve Reading Skills

Reading Skills 6A is designed to help develop and improve reading skills. Using simple gestures students move from one reading activity to another. By either dragging letter tiles or tapping the screen, students improve vocabulary and spelling, demonstrate their ability to recognize the main idea and supporting details. The practice summarizing reading material and in general practice a variety of skills essential for reading comprehension.

The Fact Check activity presents a statement based on the content of the selected reading passage. Students indicate either True or False for the statement by tapping an icon.


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Build Vocabulary and Spelling Skills

Students enjoy games. Word Fun is an activity where students unscramble letter tiles to spell the a vocabulary word taken from the reading passage.

  • Slide letter tiles to spell vocabulary words.
  • Complete the activity by earning 10 gold stars
  • Vocabulary words are pronounced.


The Skills Practice activity focuses on a variety of reading skills including finding the main idea, locating supporting details, and determining the author's purpose.



Understanding informational text is essential to literacy. To help young readers develop this skill, twelve fun, high-interest passages about numbers, math in the ancient world, important discoveries, women mathematicians, fractals and more, written at the sixth grade reading level, are presented:

  • Counting in Prehistoric Times
  • Mathematics in Ancient Egypt
  • The Greek Roots of Geometry
  • The Romans and Roman Numerals
  • Achievements During the Middle Ages
  • Descartes Discovers Analytic Geometry
  • The Queen of the Sciences
  • The Giants of Mathematics
  • Women Mathematicians
  • What about Logic?
  • Computers and Programming
  • What are Fractals?

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Teachers can use the Scoreboard feature to keep track of student performance as they work their way through all the passages and activities.

Reading Skills 6A is Now Available at the Apple iTunes Store.