Use On Target: Math Skills to Enhance Your Math Curriculum...
An Interactive Math Activity to Help Build Arithmetic Skills, Logical Thinking and Number Concepts...


Help Kids Practice Arithmetic Skills and Problem Solving Abilities with On Target Math Skills.

The On Target Math Skills app generates an almost infinite number of puzzles where the challeng is to make a specific number given four other numbers. Students can use any of the four basic arithmetic operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication or division to try to solve the puzzle. In coming up with a solution, students will need to use the problem order of operations.

The app challenges the player to find 10 solutions in order to earn a trophy. The app offers 5 different levels of difficulty. The On Target Math Skills app is designed to be a quick math exercise that teachers can use to provide a quick basic arithmetic and problem solving activity.

Special sound effects make the game fun to use and the interactive design facilitates engaging learning strategies.

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Special features make using the On Target: Math Skills app fun:

1. Practice math skills and using order of operations with this app..

2. Random problems are automatically generated.

3. Speech and sound effects.

4. Available for iPad iOS and Apple TV tvOS..


Available now for Apple TV

Bring the excitement of exploring arithmetic challenges and problem solving skills to your classroom or living room with the Apple TV version of the On Target: Math Skills.