Beyond Magic Square Puzzles, Math Discs Offers a New Type of Challenge...
Available for iPad and Apple TV. Inspire a love for mathematics by working with your child to solve Math Discs puzzles on your Apple TV. Use your Siri Remote or a Apple TV compatible joystick to move the discs in an attempt to solve the puzzle.
Math Discs is available for iPad and Apple TV. The puzzles focus on elementary math skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Randomly generated puzzles support common core standards for mathematics instruction. The level settings in the app make it is useful for primary, upper elementary and secondary students. Inspire a love for mathematics and problem solving with this unique and engaging app.
Interactive Excitement in a Challenging Puzzle Based on the Digits 0-9

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Special features make playing Math Discs fun:

1. The puzzles help to develop math and thinking skills.

2. The puzzles are easy to learn but difficult to solve.

3. Available for iPad and Apple TV.

Math Discs is a challenging puzzle where the task is to arrange nine numbers to define expressions equal to the target numbers. Each number can be used only once. Remember to use the order of operations from left to right and also top to bottom.

1. Addition Only
2. Addition and Subtraction
3. Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication
4. Integers

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Imagine the fun and excitement you kids will have playing Math Discs on your giant TV screen. With Math Discs for Apple TV, your kids will have fun while improving math and problem solving skills. Math Discs is part of our Family Time Math series. We hope that families will enjoy working out these math puzzles together.