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Hands-On Math: Line Design

Have fun with math creating Line Designs on your iPad with simple gestures.

is a very useful way for student's to visualize shapes which leads to a better understanding of geometry. Students use the Hands-on Math Line Design to draw and analyze figures. Using simple gestures, line design are easily created on the iPad screen. Teachers can use the Line Designs to illustrate mathematical ideas and concepts such properties of geometric figures, meaning of tangent, interior angles, exterior angles, central angles, inscribed angles and polygons, and advance concepts such as sums of interior angles for regular polygons, and polar and rectangular coordinate systems.

Inspire your students with Giant Geometry.

Right Angle Pattern
Acute Angle Pattern
Square Pattern
Circle Pattern

Hands-On Math: Line Design creates a virtual drawing area on your iPad. It simulates the use of a popular strategy used to teach enrich basic geometry classes and is perfect for elementary and middle school classrooms.

Creating with Hands-On Math Line Design is one of the best ways to help students explore and discover geometry. Students draw line segments and then replicate the line to create geometric designs. As they create the students learn about angles, patterns, and properties of geometric figures.


Using Hands-On Math: Line Design students can develop the following important mathematical concepts:

  • Patterns Created with Line Segments
  • Properties of Shapes (i.e. sums of interior angles for various geometric figures)
  • Basic Geometry
  • Angles (Classification and Properties)
  • Aestheometry
  • Composing and Decomposing Plane Figures
  • Measurement
  • Naming Shapes
  • Symmetry
  • Drawing and analyzing two-dimensional shapes
  • Congruence and Similarity
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Polar Coordinates

pdf[ Instructor's Guide (PDF) ]

We recommend that you open the Instructor's Guide PDF from your iPad in a new browser page and save the document in your iBooks app.

  • The Hands-On Math Line Design App Helps to Build Fundamental Math Concepts.
  • It Provides an Interactive Line Design Experience for Exploration and Discovery.
  • It Supports Discovery and Directed Teaching Strategies.
  • It Offers Problem Solving Activities To Be Solved Using Virtual Manipulatives.
  • With On/Off Options and Controls for Various Special Features (Speech and Sound Effects).

Line Design

Line Design is used to draw line segments which are replicated to produce geometric designs. The designs are constructed on patterns (angles, squares and circles) and are used to demonstrate and learn about fundamental concepts of geometry.

Possible Topics:

  • Names of Shapes and Their Properties
  • Classification of Angles
  • Symmetry and Design
  • Measurement
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Polar Coordinates


magic square

Line Design Functions

By tapping an icon the student selects a color for the figure. Then by tapping a starting point and dragging to an endpoint, the student creates the first step in a design. The line segment is replicated following the pattern established by the student. .

  • Define a Line Segment.
  • Label Points with Letters A-Z.
  • Replicate Designs to Create Shapes.
  • Symmetry Functions.
  • Tap Eraser to Undo the Previous Action.
  • Tap the Trash Can to Clear the Line Design Playground.
  • Optional Sounds and Speech Functions.

Explore and Document

Activities at a variety of skill levels are also provided. Students are encouraged to document their discoveries in a journal. A comprehensive teacher's guide provides lesson ideas for grades K-8.

  • Perfect for Small Group instruction.
  • Environmentally Friendly Learning - (no need to photocopy activity pages for each student).
  • A Student-Centered Approach to Learning.

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Hands-On Math: Line Design is now available at the Apple iTunes Store.