FineArt Display System for Apple TV
Enjoy our Fine Art in the Comfort of your Living Room...

The FineArt Display System represents a remarkable avenue through which the artists and galleries can present artwork for to patrons for potential acquisition. This innovative system curates a dynamic slideshow of artistic creations, with the images being changed periodically to keep viewers aesthetically delighted. Instead of having a big black box hanging on the wall of your living room use the Apple TV to display art. Download this FREE app to view images available from the Central Coast Gallery.

The FineArt Display System will immerse you in the harmonious convergence of technology and artistic ingenuity. It's a revolutionary concept that transcends the confines of traditional art exhibitions by liberating art from the confines of conventional galleries and putting it right in a living room. Exclusively designed for Apple TV, this application brings original art from our gallery directlyto the comfort of the viewer's home, offering an unparalleled avenue for galleries to engage with prospective patrons.

While perusing the showcased paintings, the viewer may encounter a piece that they would like to own. Should such an artwork captivate their heart, we encourage them to initiate contact by providing contact information. Some of the pieces are available only as originals, others may be available as giclées. Use the contact information provided to explore various options such as sizes, framing possibilities, and pricing.



Elevate Your Gallery's Presence with the Fine Art Display System for Apple TV

Are you looking to take your gallery experience to the next level? Imagine captivating your visitors with a seamless blend of art and technology, enhancing their appreciation for the incredible works your gallery represents. Introducing the "Fine Art Display System" exclusively for Apple TV, the game-changer that will bring your gallery into a potential customers home by creating an art space exclusively for your artists.

Why the Fine Art Display System?

1. Stunning Visuals:Our app leverages the unparalleled display quality of Apple TV to showcase your gallery's art in all its glory. Every brushstroke, color, and detail is reproduced in breathtaking 4K resolution, offering an unparalleled viewing experience.

2. Easy to Navigate: With an intuitive interface designed for galleries, your visitors can effortlessly explore your collection. Quickly access artist profiles, view the artworks in high resolution, and access valuable information with a simple remote control.

3. Dynamic Art Exhibitions: Create virtual exhibitions within the app, allowing you to curate and display different themes or artists' works with ease. No more physical constraints of gallery space – you can host an ever-changing series of exhibits at the tap of a button.

4. Immersive Storytelling: Enrich the visitor experience by adding artist descriptions, historical context, and other content to each artwork. Share the stories behind the pieces and connect your audience with the artists on a deeper level by adding this customization.

5. Engagement Analytics: Gain insights into your visitors' preferences and behavior. Track which marketing plans work by checking downloads after an advertising campaign.

6. Integration with eCommerce: Seamlessly integrate your gallery's online store with the app, by referencing your online store where visitors can purchase artworks directly from their iPhone or iPad right in their living room.

7. Regular Updates: Keep your content fresh and exciting with regular updates. Whether you're showcasing new artists, rotating exhibitions, or special events, your gallery will always offer something new and engaging. This is done remotely and requires no action by your customers.

Why Apple TV?

Apple TV is the ultimate platform for delivering high-quality content to your audience. Its user-friendly interface and remote control make it the perfect device for art lovers of all ages. With the Fine Art Display System in your customer's home, your gallery will reach a wider and more diverse audience than ever before.

Your Gallery, Our Expertise

We understand the unique needs of art galleries, and we've designed the Fine Art Display System to be a powerful tool for enhancing your gallery's presence. From the moment a visitor installs the app they are able to enjoy your curated art experience in the comfort of their home. This puts your gallery at the forefront of their art experience.

Elevate your gallery's prestige, offer your customers a dynamic and engaging experience, and embrace the future of art presentation with the Fine Art Display System for Apple TV.

Are you ready to revolutionize your gallery? Contact us today to schedule a demo and discuss how our app can work seamlessly with your collection.