Use The Circular Geoboard to Explore Geometry Concepts...
An Interactive App to Inspire an Interest in Geometry in a Creative Way...


The Circular Geoboard is a classroom tool enabling students to investigate and explore angles, polygons, and other aspects of geometry. The app presents lessons that are designed to allow students to create visually artistic and mathematically interesting designs. In the process students make discoveries related to important geometry concepts.

While students are using the app teachers should encourage them to write about their discoveries using the Notes app. The writing process can significantly support the learning process. Several important terms are presented while using the app and teachers should encourage students to use the new geometry terms in their writing activities.

Because of the artistic nature of the circular Geoboard designs, students should be given some free time to explore with the app and to develop their own creative designs.

The app stores a record of the student's progress as they continually try to improve their score. Speech and sound effects make using the app even more fun. Click the dice icon to get a randomly generated design and starting point for creative exploration. Hours of fun!






Special features make using the Circular Geoboard app fun:

1. Develop creative thinking skills while learning geometry concepts with this fun to use app.

2. Save your scores to show your teacher, parents and friends.

3. Speech and sound effects.

4. Available for iPad iOS and tvOS.

5. Available at a discount to schools participating in Apple's Volume Purchase Program.