Use Bright Lights Design Center to Spark Your Child's Creativity.
An Interactive Art App to Inspire Creative Thinking, Help Build Fine Motor Skills, and Foster an Understanding of Symmetry...


Bright Lights Design Center is a great way for children to express their creativity. With Bright Lights Design Center you can inspire creativity and develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination with this fun app!

The app stores up to 10 designs and has many interesting features. It can be set to automatically create symmetrical designs. Speech and sound effects make using the app even more fun. Click the idea icon to get a random suggestion of what to create. Hours of fun!

The interactive design facilitates engaging learning strategies.

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Special features make using the Bright Lights Design Center app fun:

1. Express your creativity with this fun to use app.

2. Save your designs to show your friends.

3. Speech and sound effects.

4. Available for iPad iOS.