Use Addition BlockMania to Enhance Your Math Curriculum...
An Interactive Math Activity to Help Build Addition Skills, Logical Thinking and Number Concepts...


Help Kids Learn Addition Facts and Improve Basic Math Skills!

Help your students practice and improve math skills with this game that challenges them to think quickly and be accurate. The object is to find a set of blocks in the stacks whose sum is equal to the given number.

The app offers four levels of activity. Larger numbers are used at the higher levels. Animation, sound effects and speech help to make this curriculum-based math activity exciting for young mathematicians. Elementary school teachers and parents with young students will find that kids enjoy practicing math skills when they are given this app to use.

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Special features make using the Addition Blockmania app fun:

1. Improve mental math skills and increase speed and accuracy using this exciting, interactive curriculum-based app.

2. Random problems are automatically generated.

3. Speech and sound effects.

4. Available for iPad iOS and Apple TV tvOS.


Available now for Apple TV and Macintosh.

Bring the excitement of improving mental math skills in addition to your classroom, computer lab or living room with the Apple TV or Macintosh version of the Addition Blockmania.

$1.99 [ NO ADS!]