Use Addition Puzzles to Enhance Your Math Curriculum...
An Interactive Math Activity to Help Build Addition Skills, Logical Thinking and Number Concepts...


Help Kids Learn Addition Facts and Improve Basic Math Skills!

Use this exciting, interactive math game to practice addition skills. Use logic to select the numbers that will solve the puzzle. Puzzles are randomly generated so the app offers an almost infinite number of puzzles at six different levels. Puzzles can be selected that involve just whole numbers from 0 to 20 or integers from -10 to 10.

Puzzles are solved by sliding tokens into the blank spaces in the puzzles. The goal is to place the correct numbers at the vertices of the diagrams so that the numbers at the endpoints of the line segments add up to the number given at the midpoint.

Arcade game sound effects and speech are used to make the game fun for kids to use. The app is appropriate for classroom use. Parents will also find the app useful at home when their kids want a little screen-time.

FREE! Enjoy Addition Puzzles for Free. Free download available at the App Store.

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Special features make using the Addition Puzzles app fun:

1. Find the numbers that will complete the puzzle.

2. Random problems are automatically generated.

3. Speech and sound effects.

4. Available for iPad iOS, Macintosh MacOS, and Apple TV tvOS.


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