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Ultimate Typing™ EDU

Ultimate Typing™ EDU software is designed specifically for the improvement of typing skills. Created by eReflect, a world leader in e-learning and self-development software, Ultimate Typing™ has been informed by the latest developments in the science of touch typing.

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Featured iOS Apps

app app app app

Just Released - New Apps for iPad from Ventura Educational Systems

Featured App
Links to the iTunes Store:
Addition Skills Math Race 210
Fractions 3A Hands-On Math Number Sense
Algebra Concepts Hands-On Math Hundreds Chart
Coordinate Geometry Hands-On Math Color Tiles
GraphPower Hands-On Math Base Ten Blocks
Geometry Concepts Hands-On Math Multiplication Toolkit
Hands-On Math Bean Sticks
Dragon Counts to Ten Hands-On Math Geoboard
Go Home, Dragon! Hands-On Math LineDesign
Who Is It, Dragon? Hands-On Math Tangle Tables
Hands-On Math Number Balance
PuzzleLogic Hands-On Math Attribute Blocks
ClassTimer Hands-On Math Graph Cubes
Food for Kids Hands-On Math Pattern Blocks
Kidioms Hands-On Math Parquetry Blocks
Kidioms 2 Hands-On Math Tangrams
Kidioms 3 Hands-On Math Pentominoes
MindTweak Hands-On Math Chip Trading
Plexers Hexagon Art Board
Scorepad Deluxe Word Ladder Game
Scorepad for iPad Word Magnets for Skeptics
Atomic Tiles WordMagnets for Lovers
QuizCalc Tabletop First Words
Math Grid Magic Tic-Tac-Tarantula
Math Bingo K-3 Reading Skills 3A
Math Bingo K-6 Reading Skills 4A
Zombie Math Reading Skills 5A
Bumblebee Math Reading Skills 6A
Jeepers Jumpers Underwater Math Adventure
Beetle Battle Game Ant War Games
Hexagon Art Board  
Shape Playground  

Bumblebee Math - One of our latest releases at the AppStore is Bumblebee Math, from a series of game-style apps designed to build and strengthen computatiional skiils. Each app in this series provides fun interactive math practice. Challenge your students to complete each level.

Hands-On Math Tangrams is our latest addition to the Hands-On Math Series. The iPad has tremendous potential for students of all ages. Everybody here at Ventura Educational Systems is very excited about the release of the Hands-On Math Series for iPad. Along with Algebra Concepts, PuzzleLogic for iPad, Coordinate Geometry, Plexers for iPad and MindTweak we feel we offer schools real learning tools.

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New iPhone Apps from Ventura Educational Systems

We are excited to announce the release of our new iPhone apps for preschool, elementary, middle and high school students.


These products are available for $0.99 at the Apple iTunes Store. [ More Information ]


A New Book by Marne Ventura, M.A.

Google Glass and Robotics Innovator Sebastian Thrun
(STEM Trailblazer Bios)

Have you ever wished you could use technology to improve people's lives? Ever since he was a teenager, Sebastian Thrun wanted to build machines that helped people. Read about Sebastian Thruns exciting life in this new biography by Marne Ventura, M.A. published by Lerner. To purchase these books click here.

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Speedskin No-Peek Keyboard Covers

Improve typing speed and accuracy with patented Speedskin technology.

As low as $7.95 each.

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Enhance your tests, quizzes and worksheets with these handy collections of creative fonts. Create panoramic images and object movies with the powerful collection of software tools. Capture your audiences attention with PA Systems for schools and churches.

Informative Educational Posters
Anatomical Posters - Perfect for classrooms, medical offices and clinics.
Nature's Posters - Game Fish, Birds, Marine Life, Botanical, Mammals/Amphibians


NEW Product! Now available from Ventura Educational Systems.

TouchIT Technologies designs, manufactures and markets high quality, touch–based visual communication products including a large range of touch screen and touch board products to suit all types of applications from small LCD touch–screens to large interactive whiteboard displays and audience response systems.

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Ventura Educational Systems is proud to feature AnchorPad's custom design iPad Plate System which secures your iPad to a work surface while allowing access to all the functions of the iPad. Features include a channel for the power cord, access to the home button (on front), on/off button (on back), and handing access at the center bottom (on back) to make remove of the iPad easy.

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Ken-A-Vision - Kena digital microscopes and FlexCam document cameras are available from Ventura Educational Systems.

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Check it out!
Versatility for the 21st Century Classroom • Document Cameras for Data-Driven Decision Making

The top-of-the-line Diggiditto document camera provides a fully featured choice coupled with durability and innovation.

Offering 12x optical zoom, three light modes, an annotation feature, a remote control, and the ability to save infinite pictures via USB, the DC896 delivers all of the audio / visual controls you'd expect from a flatbed document camera.

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iStoragePro 1 Bay 2.5" Portable USB / FireWire Drive

The iStoragePro Pocket 2.5 inch drive is the perfect storage solution for traveling business people and creative professionals. The lightweight design is ultra-portable and stylish, created with modern lifestyle in mind. You can take your projects on the road, in the air or anywhere else your busy schedule requires. This iStoragePro drive is bus powered; no need to carry an AC adapter. It is easy, portable and ready for action at a instant notice. This is the coolest and sleekest creative media storage solution of the 21st century.

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Got-It Clicker System

Now educators can energize their lessons and interactively engage students with this state-of-the-art system as an integral part of lessons that takes advantage of an additional learning modality, helping students make connections and retain information. Adding this student response system to multimedia presentations heightens the impact of pictures, sounds and videos and invites students into a deeper level of engagement.

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Velocity Micro Cruz
iPad Apps

A.D.A.M. is the world leader in anatomy software for education! [more ->]


The world's first affordable touch screen color ereader. [more->]

Learn the structure of molecules with Atomic Tiles. [more->]

Digital USB Microscope
Pulse Smartpen
Keybo Keyboarding Adventure


Built specifically for use in the classroom, the new microscope gives students a chance to learn about the world around them up close. It can be connected to a classroom computer, so students can be split into groups to conduct experiments and see the whole picture on the screen at the same time. [more ->]

Never miss a word again. The Pulse smartpen is a computer within a pen that records and links what you hear to what you write, so you'll never miss a word in class. You can listen to your lecture or recordings by tapping on your notes. [more->]

Our popular Keybo - The Keyboarding Adventure is the a product for building typing speed and accuracy for children ages 8 and up! No more hunting and pecking! Keybo will have you typing properly and efficiently in no time. [more->]

These three products combine open-ended discovery learning techniques with solid practice and assessment. Interactive Hundreds Chart, Computation Algorithms and Interactive Fractions Sticks are Mac/Win and available on CD-ROM or by download. These products are perfect for K-8 math programs and include server and client based applications. Products
Math Computer Literacy
 Computation Algorithms  Computer Concepts
 Interactive Hundreds Chart Clip-Art Products
 Geometry Concepts  Kooky Characters
 Algebra Concepts  Borders, Certificates and Awards
 Puzzle Logic Science
 GraphPower  The Fetal Pig
 Clip-Art for Math Teachers  The Earthworm

New Products for Education

Looking for bargains on educational software? Shop our online store! Ventura Educational Systems is a unique source for the latest and greatest educational technology products.

We offer special pricing to schools and parents of school age children on some of the best educational software from leading publishers. Bookmark this website and check our listings any time you're in the market for educational technology products.


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