Challenge your Brain with a Fun Word Game

The Word Ladder Game is a fun app for all ages. The object of the game is to build a ladder from one word to another. Each word on the ladder is different from the word before it by one letter. For example, you can get from THIS to THAT in four steps:


Whether you’re a beginning reader, a second language learner, or an adult, this game is fun and challenging. Spelling, phonics, vocabulary and logic skills are all enhanced by playing the Word Ladder Game. For children, it’s great practice for thinking, spelling, and reading skills. For adults, it’s a fun way to get lost in an absorbing puzzle when you need a quick break from your daily routine.

The app presents a beginning and ending word. You move letter tiles to form a new word that differs by one letter. The words scroll up and down so that you can see all the words on the ladder. An eraser allows you to go back and make changes. The goal is to change the first word to the last word using the fewest steps possible. A built-in dictionary checks to verify that your entry is a valid word.


The Word Ladder Game - The perfect way to help your students master spelling, logic phonics, and vocabulary skills.

The Word Ladder Game


Standards Based Content

Help your students master language arts skills by using the Word Ladder Game.



As students work with this educational app they will improve and strengthen their language arts skills.

Using the Word Ladder Game provides a fun environment where students can practice the following skills:

  • Spelling
  • Reading
  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Logic
  • Problem-solving

A built-in dictionary of more than 5,000 four-letter words is used to provide feedback to learners.

Automatically notify your Facebook friends when you find a solution to one of the word puzzles by simply tapping an icon.

Interactive Word Game  

The Word Ladder Game makes playing with words fun!




Fractions 3A
  • Interactive Letter Tiles
  • Supports Common Core Language Arts Objectives
  • Focuses on Learning by Doing Strategies
  • On/Off Options and Controls for Various Features
The Word Ladder Game is Now Available on the App Store.