Challenge Your Brain with this Fun and Exciting Math Game!
Interactive Simulation of a Classic Learning Tool

Practical and Effective!

Two-Color Counters are excellent teaching tools for sorting, counting and probability activities. This app simulates double-sided counters that feature red on one side, and yellow on the other.

The app provides a variety of learning activities and focuses on counting, grouping and beginning addition skills. Intuitively children will learn about Fact Families when flipping the counters from one side to the other.

Red on one side, yellow on the other, these colorful counters can be used to demonstrate basic math operations, probability, and estimation concepts.




Special features make using Two-Color Counters so much fun:

1. Slide counters into place to solve puzzle.

2. Random questions are automatically generated.

3. Sound effects.

4. Available for iPad iOS 7 and 8.