A Clever Set of Puzzle to Challenge Your Brain...  

The Menagerie is a set of 11 logic puzzles. The goal is to get every critter into a cage. When you tap a critter all the available moves are shown with green lights. Critters can only be moved once and the number of spaces that each can be moved is indicated. The critters in each puzzle are randomly picked so each puzzle provides a unique experience. Enjoy hours of fun solving these challenging puzzles.

For iOS and tvOS.

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It takes logical reasoning and concentration to solve these puzzles. If you like number games or word games you will enjoy The Menagerie.
In addition to working with the Siri Remote, the Apple TV version of The Menagerie can be controlled with Bluetooth compatible game controllers. Kids will enjoy this feature and it also makes it possible for kids to collaborate when trying to solve the puzzles since two players can control the app at the same time. We think you will find that The Menagerie provides quite a bit of fun for only $0.99.