A unique math puzzle for your home and school iPads and Apple TVs...
With a focus on problem solving and mental math, Target 10 is sure to improve math scores.


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The object of Target 10 is to earn 10 stars by finding sets of numbers in the grid that add up to the target number.

Target 10 offers four levels. Tap the Settings icon to choose a level.

When you can’t find any more sets of numbers to make the target sum, try using the Switch icon to move numbers. Or you can tap the New Board icon for a new grid. Tap Erase Highlights to clear the highlights for an incorrect answer.

Continue finding sets of numbers that add up to the target number until you have earned 10 stars.


Motivate elementary age students to get quicker at mental math by using Target 10 on your Apple TV. The tvOS version of Target 10 offers the same great features as the iOS version, and additionally can be controlled using tvOS compatible game controllers.


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