A Challenge for your Brain. Put your Logical Thinking Skills to Work...  

The object of Star Maze is to move the marker through the maze to capture all the stars. Tap the arrow keys or swipe the marker to move. Some of the mazes are tricky and you will need to use the blocker to help navigate to the correct row or column. The only way to move the blocker is by switching its position with the marker. Be careful because you might get stuck in a corner with no way out.

Fortunately you can tap the eraser icon to reset the maze. Try to collect all the stars in the fewest number of moves.

For iOS and tvOS devices.


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Challenge your fellow students and friends to solve a puzzle in a fewer number of moves than your best score.
Solve Star Maze puzzles using your Apple TV. Select and slide puzzle pieces using the Siri Remote. The Apple TV version is perfect for small group problem solving interaction. Hours of fun for those who like a challenge.
Star Maze is now available at the Apple iTunes Store.