A Challenge for your Brain. Put your Logical Thinking Skills to Work...  
Sppoky Memory Match is a game for 2-4 players or teams where the object is to remember the position of colorful spooky characters in order to make the most matches. Pairs of spooky characters are randomly placed in a 5x5 grid. Players take turns to select two facedown cards. Tapping a card reveals the hidden spooky characters. If the two spooky characters match the player scores a point and the cards stay faceup until the end of the game.

For iOS, MacOS and tvOS devices. FREE!


For iOS and tvOS devices.


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Challenge your fellow students and friends to play a memory match game.
Play Spooky Memory Match using your Apple TV. Select pieces using the Siri Remote or compatible game controller. The Apple TV version is perfect for small group problem solving interaction. Hours of fun for those who like a challenge.
Spooky Memory Match is now available at the Apple iTunes Store.