A Challenge for your Brain. Put your Logical Thinking Skills to Work...  

Space Monsters have invaded the galaxy and it is your job to eradicate them by sending them into a blackhole. The puzzles are solved by swiping to direct the space monster in one of four directions. The monster continues moving in the same direction until it encounters a red giant. At that point the direction of the monster can be changed. By hitting the red giants in the proper sequence, eventually the monster can be directed into a black hole and sent to another galaxy.

If you like solving puzzles and games that involve strategic thinking you will like Space Monsters!

For iOS and tvOS devices.


App Store
Challenge your fellow students and friends to a puzzle faster than you using their iPads.
Solve Space Monsters puzzles using your Apple TV. Select and slide monsters using the Siri Remote. The Apple TV version is perfect for small group problem solving interaction. Hours of fun for those who like a challenge.
Space Monsters is now available at the Apple iTunes Store.