Help Your Students Improve Basic Arithmetic Skills

Snowflake Math for iPad and Apple TV is a useful tool for any teacher who is interested in helping students improve their math skills.

Snowflake Math presents a math puzzle where the object is to make addition and multiplication expressions that are equal to the target number.

Students slide numbers into the snowflake arrangement to make an equation that is true for the target number. Equations involve addition and multiplication. This app is appropriate for elementary and middle school students.

For iPad and Apple TV.





Enjoy Snowflake Math on your Apple TV. It is a great way to get in a little math practice before watching TV. Snowflake Math helps kids get faster at math and better at problem solving. It is designed to keep kids interested and focused on learning. The app can be controlled using the Siri Remote or using a Apple TV compatible game controller.
Snowflake Math is now available at the Apple iTunes Store.