Shape Playground

Have fun creating designs and colorful images with the Shape Playground interactive iPad app. Children will enjoy the ease with which they can create images with the Shape Playground. Shape Playground pieces slide onto the work area and can be easily picked up and moved or removed from the board. Shape can be made larger or smaller and rotated by tapping icons.

Give your child the opportunity to use your iOS device for creative play. Teachers will find that the Shape Playground is useful in programs that have shape, color and geometry as instructional objectives.

$0.99 at the App Store

for iPad.

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Suggestions for Creative Play

  • Make a red sports car.
  • Make a house.
  • Make clown face.
  • Make a pattern using two shapes and two colors.

Creative Teaching Ideas

  • How many circles were used in this image?
  • Which shape has six sides?
  • Are both triangles the same shape?
  • How many sides does a rectangle have?
  • I am thinking of a shape with four equal sides. Which shape is it?