Perplexing Plexers for your iPhone, iPad or AppleTV...

Plexers for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

If you like word puzzles, enjoy a good game of Scrabble, or can't wait for the Sunday paper with a new crossword puzzle, you'll enjoy our unique collection of word Plexers. Plexers are puzzles where clever arrangements of letters or symbols give each puzzle a special meaning. The challenge is to figure out the meaning. Plexers are designed to encourage you, your friends or students to think clearly, creatively and logically.

Secret Meaning

Can you find the secret meaning of each puzzle? Remember, Plexers are a little bit like a rebuses except that rebuses use icons or pictures to make the puzzle, where as Plexers are usually just text.

Use our collection Plexers as word puzzles to stimulate creative thinking and problem solving skills. Try to solve the puzzles with a group of two or three people to better understand the value of teamwork and brainstorming.

Thinking Strategies

When trying to solve a Plexer, think divergently and consider an array of alternatives. Brainstorm possible meanings as creatively and freely as possible.

Don't give up too quickly and to avoid temptation, turn 'Solutions' off using the Settings Options. This will hide the 'Reveal Answer' button (Question Mark Icon) that gives access to the solutions.

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  • Word puzzles to challenge your brain.
  • Useful for encouraging flexible thinking.
  • Great as a classroom learning aid.
  • Perfect as an ice breaker for social situations.
  • Sound effects enhance user experience.
  • On/Off options for select features.
Sample Puzzles  


[Solution: Keep in Touch (above)]

The idea is to be flexible in your thinking so don't be surprised if you come up with a solution that is better than the one we suggested.

If you are a teacher using Plexers in your classroom try to avoid having just one student quickly solve the puzzle without giving the other students a chance to respond and be involved. One idea is to ask students to write down their solution and wait until most students are done before revealing the answer.

In addition, teachers might enjoy including one or more of these puzzles in a quiz or worksheet just for fun. Hopefully, parents will find that Plexers are a great way to keep their kids entertained during a long road trip.

A Plexer puzzle can be used as an ice breaker at a social gather or as a party game for when you are with your friends. There are lots of ways to use Plexers, but most of all we hope you have fun.

Types of Puzzles

Some of the Plexer puzzles involve the location of one word inside another. Others involve the arrangement of the letters in one or more words. Sometimes the clue to solving the puzzle is the position of the letters on the page.

[ Solution: Keep in touch. ]

Curiously Clever

Some Plexers involve the number of times a syllable, word or phrase is repeated. Sometimes you can solve it by just reading outloud what the puzzle literally says. Other times you will need to use a little imagination and think creatively.

[ Solutions: Thinking outside the box (below) Tuba (right)]


number star
elegant octagon

Challenging and Fun

If you are a teacher and looking for something fun to add to your problem solving curriculum, this is it.

If you are just looking for some clever word puzzles to keep your mind active, this is it.

And, if you are looking for something to do with your friends the next time you have a get together or party, this is it.

[ Solution: Lean over backwards (left)]

Plexers for iPhone and iPad are now available at the Apple iTunes Store.

Plexers is also available for Apple Watch.