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In a typical pickleball shoot out there are two rounds of round robin play. Usually a round of play is about an hour. Sometimes a bit more so you might need to reserve courts appropriately. The pickleball scoreboard app can assist you in keeping a temporary scorecard for several rounds of play. In addition a screen shot of the scoreboard can be saved to Photos for a more permanent record and also makes it easy to share the scoreboard with others.

Often at a pickleball shooter one player is designated the leader. It is the leaders responsibility to keep track of the score and this is where the Pickleball Scoreboard app will be useful. The leader will assign players to courts with the highest level skilled players assigned to court #1 and then other players assigned to other courts as appropriate.

To enter the player's names simply tap the name field. The keyboard will appear so that a name can be entered. Press the return key (enter) or the tab key to move to the next name field.

On iPhones tap any of the score fields on the scoreboard to bring up the score controller. Tap the up arrow to increase the score and the down arrow to decrease the score. Tap anywhere outside the score controller to complete the entry. Appropriate total fields are automatically calculated.



The number of rounds that will be played depends on the number of players. The Pickleball Scoreboard app maintains the data for up to 10 rounds. If more rounds are need a separate device would need to be used. To switch to a different round tap the right or left arrow icons.

arrow icons The far right column of the scoreboard is used to designed whether a player moves up or down or stays the same. The icon in the move column is changed when the icon is tapped. The organizer decides whether a player moves up or down or stays the same based on the number of wins. Tap the move column for any specific player to change the icon.

This app is available for iPad andiPhone.




Pickleball Scoreboard is now available on the App Store.