Learn to Recognize Parts of Speech!
Make Learning the Parts of Speech Fun and Interactive

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Learning the parts of speech is an essential component when helping students develop writing skills. The Parts of Speech Machine is an app that uses the interactive appeal of the iPad to make learning about the parts of speech fun and interactive.

The Parts of Speech Machine randomily generates sentences to create quiz questions where the objective is to identify an example of a part of speech.

Parts of speech included:

  • Noun
• Pronoun
• Proper Noun
• Verb
• Adjective
• Adverb
• Preposition
• Conjunction
• Article
• Interjection

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Special features make using The Parts of Speech Machine fun:

1. Tap answers to choose parts of speech.

2. Visual and sound effects encourage learning.

3. An easy-to-read lesson provides information about
each of the parts of speech.

4. Turn sound effects on or off.

5. Available for iPad, iPhone and iPod.