A Classroom Tool for Math Teachers  

The Interactive Number Line is a learning tool that provides practice in several important areas of the elementary school math curriculum.

Counting and Patterns

When using the app students are prompted to find a specific number on the number line by sliding a marker to the correct position. Skills required involve: counting in patterns, adding and subtracting one and two digit numbers, equivalent fractions, ordering decimals and percents, locating positive and negative integers on a number line.

Problem sets are randomly generated so the app presents a unique experience each time it is used. The Interactive Number Line is a great tool for teacher lead classroom presentations and also individual student use.

For iOS and tvOS devices.

App Store
Try the Interactive Number Line, you will find it very useful.
Use Interactive Number Line on your Apple TV. Select and swipe using the Siri Remote to control the app from anywhere in your classroom. The Apple TV version is perfect for small group instructional settings.
Interactive Number Line is now available at the Apple iTunes Store.