Most kids love mazes... Combine solving mazes with practicing arithmetic skills and you've got a winning app!

Mouse Maze Math combines the fun of solving mazes with the practice of math skills in a unique way. Mazes are randomly generated with arithmetic symbols scattered along the pathways. The goal is to move the mouse to the cheese by tapping arrows to determine the direction for the mouse to move. As the mouse moves through the maze an arithmetic symbol will be encountered. When this happens a keypad with a problem shown in the display pops up. To continue along the path the student must enter the correct answer. Auditory and visual positive reinforcement is provided. A trophy is awarded when the mouse successfully reaches the cheese.

An added bonus is that student can build and save their own mazes. Using the maze-builder function, students place the elements of the maze on the grid to construct their own game.

For iPad and Apple TV devices.


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Challenge your fellow students and friends to solve a maze that you've designed for even more fun.
Apple TV  
For big screen classroom use or family enjoyment at home, Mouse Maze Math is the perfect way to combine the fun and excitement of solving a maze with practice math skils. Get the iPad and Apple TV versions of Mouse Maze Math for one low price of $0.99. No ads or other distractions -- just a fun way to practice basic math skills.
Mouse Maze Math is now available at the Apple iTunes Store.