Explore the Atoms and Molecules Using an Exciting Interactive Learning Tool!
The Interactive Excitement of AR Technology in a Feature Packed Learning Tool


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Imagine bringing the excitement of Augmented Reality right into your science classroom. Explore virtual 3D atoms and molecules with Molecules AR.

Molecules AR is a tool for viewing and learning about atoms and molecules using Augmented Reality technology (AR). With Molecules AR kids can view atoms and molecules by actually walking around a 3D image showing the atomic structure and molecular configuration. Augmented Reality lets the students view all sides of the molecular structure.

Students use the slider or arrow buttons to move through a list of atoms and molecules. As 3D models are selected they instantly appear in the AR view and can be viewed by moving around the virtual object.

Screens of information about the chemical are displayed when the notebook icon is tapped. If the sound has been activated by tapping the speaker icon, the text shown in the notebook will be read aloud.

Molecules AR is perfect for science classrooms where basic chemical structures, valence bonds and other related topics are being introduced. Augmented Reality adds a level of interest and excitement that will stimulate young minds to further exploration.

Be sure that your iPad allows access to the camera function by choosing Settings -> General -> Restrictions -> Off.

Atoms and Molecules Included:

hydrogen atom (H)
carbon atom (C)
nitrogen atom (N)
oxygen atom (O)
oxygen molecule (O2 )
nitrogen molecule (N2)
water molecule (H2O)
carbon dioxide molecule (CO2)

ammonia molecule (NH3)
methane (CH4)
ethane (N2H6)
acetylene molecule (C2H2)
hydrogen cyanide (HCN)
ethylene molecule (C2H4)
formaldehyde molecule (CH2O)
nitroxyl molecule (HNO)

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Special features make using the Molecules AR fun:

1. Tap buttons to learn about common atoms and molecules and view their atomic structures.

2. interesting facts about each of the atoms and molecules are presented. Optionally the text can be read aloud by the iPad.

3. Use AR technology to walk up to and around chemical structures to view from a different perspective.

4. Read about important chemistry concepts or use synthesized speech to hear the information read to you.

5. Sound effects make the interaction even more fun.

6. Available exclusively for iPad devices.


Bring the excitement of exploring atoms and molecules right into your classroom or living room with the the Molecules AR app.