Tweak your Brain with your iPad...


MindTweak is like taking your brain to the gym for a visual thinking workout. Visual thinking refers to the skills involved in reading, interpreting, comprehending, comparing, analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating visual information. MindTweak is designed to present a series of visual challenges that require exercising visual thinking skills. Strengthening visual thinking skills enhances an individual¹s ability to engage in learning. The challenges in MindTweak require the user to combine mathematical and language skills in a unique way. MindTweak includes 100 challenges presented in multiple choice format.


  • Visual thinking puzzles to challenge your brain.
  • Useful for encouraging logical thinking.
  • Great as a classroom learning aid.
  • Perfect as an ice breaker for social situations.
  • Sound effects enhance user experience.
  • On/Off options for select features.
Sample Puzzles  
number star

Finding Patterns

In some of the challenges the user must study a pattern and determine what comes next in the pattern's sequence. Some of the patterns are presented using images of objects; others are numeric patterns.



Combining Objects or Groups of Objects

Some challenges involve determining the qualities or characteristics of a group or groups of objects so that when combined a puzzle is completed or other condition met.


number star
elegant octagon

Similarities and Differences

Periodically challenges are presented that require the user to find the similarities or differences among sets of objects. Careful examination will lead the user to the correct solution.



Rotations, Reflections and Transformations

Occasionally a challenge is presented that requires the user to mentally rotate, reflect or otherwise transform one or more objects to find the solution.


elegant octagon

Designed by veteran software developer, Dr. Fred Ventura, MindTweak is useful for all ages. For young students who haven't had much opportunity to develop visual thinking, MindTweak is a great way to practice the skills that are components of visual thinking proficiency. For this type of learner, it might be helpful for he or she to be paired with a more experienced student. Communication about methods used to solve a challenge should be encouraged. Teachers might wish to suggest that words and phases such as, similar, different, above below, on top of, next to, below and to the left of, be used in discussions about the MindTweak puzzles. It is also helpful for students to use mathematical terminology when describing and discussing the MindTweak challenges. For older people, MindTweak can be used to help foster mental health and fitness. Research has shown as people age it is important to keep engaging in activities that require intelligence and imagination. The more time that a person spends in activities that involve mental processing, the more likely it is that he or she will stay mentally sharp as he or she ages.

MindTweak for iPad is available now at the Apple iTunes Store.