Captain Puzzler's Logic Challenge - A Mystery Number Game for All Ages
Interactive Excitement to Enhance Deductive Reasoning Skills...

Captain Puzzler's Logic Challenge is challenging and fun for all ages. The object of the game is figure out a three-digit random choosing by the computer. The goal is to find the number in less than 10 tries.

After each set of three numbers is entered the computer will give you clues to help you find the mystery number. A red light means that none of the digits are correct. The amber light means that one digit is correct but it is in the wrong place. A green light means that one digit is correct and also in the correct position.

You will need to use deductive reasoning skills to find the mystery number in the least number of tries. The game is fun when played individually, but can be even more exciting when played with a small group of people.

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Special features make playing Captain Puzzler's Logic Challenge fun:

1. Each puzzle is a unique challenge.

2. The game helps develop deductive reasoning.

3. The game is easy to learn but difficult to master.

4. Available for iPad, MacOS and Apple TV.



Captain Puzzler's Logic Challenge tvOS

Captain Puzzler's Logic Challenge is now available for Apple TV. It's completely customized to take advantage of Apple TV's unique features. Use the Siri Remote to select numbers and use the clues to discover the mystery number. The graphics are stunning and rendered at 1920 x 1080 pixels. Why on Apple TV? The concept is that solving math problems together with a group adds to the fun and involvement. Every puzzle is a unique challenge. We think you will enjoy Captain Puzzler's Logic Challenge tvOS.

Captain Puzzler's Logic Challenge MacOS

Captain Puzzler's Logic Challenge is now available for MacOS. Play Captain Puzzler's Logic Challenge for a relaxing break or to build a better brain. Mental exercises like this logic challenge help keep you sharp.


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