Help young learners recognize upper and lower case letters and read and spell sight words...
A Fun Game for Elementary Students to Practice Language Skills

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The Letter Flash Machine helps young learners recognize the letters of the alphabet. A randomly selected letter appears on the screen and the student's task is to match the letter by pressing the corresponding letter on the keyboard. In addition, pictures are randomly selected and the task is to find the missing letter.

The app keeps track of the child's performance by reporting the number of problems and percent correct for each of the activities. Sound effects are used to make learning fun. For example, during the game, each randomly selected letter is pronounced

Works on iPod, iPad and iPhone.

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Select a Skill to Practice by Tapping Any of the Three Activity Buttons.

Tap a skill button to select an appropriate skill to practice. Once a skill has been, randomly generated letter problems appear on the screen. The student enters answers by tapping the letter key for the answer.

A scoreboard reports a student's progress showing the percentage of correct answers.

This game is challenging and fun. The game provides fast action as students tap the screen to enter the correct answer to randomly generated language problems.

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iPad Screen Sample