A Fun Way to Learn to Read and Play Music...  

Kid's Piano Deluxe is a fun way for beginning music students to learn the basics. Digitally recorded sounds from a grand piano are played in response to tapping the keys. Songs appear at the top of the screen as the app keeps track of correct key presses. If an incorrect not is played the note is highlighted to help the student find the right key. The students progress is tracked in a scoreboard where accuracy is shown as a percentage.


1. Keyboard and Notation Basics
2. Notes and Beats
3. The Time Signature
4. Music Symbols
5. Signs of Silence
6. Types of Notes
7. Feel the Bass
8. Reading Notes in the Treble Staff
9. Reading Notes in the Bass Staff
10. Review

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Practice playing the piano with guided lessons. Songs are displayed above the piano keyboard and as keys are played the app checks for accuracy. Finguring is shown to help students position their hands correctly.