Improve speed and accuracy. Be a Keyboard Champion...
A Fun Game for Elementary Students to Practice Keyboarding Skills

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The focus of Keyboard Champion activities is to improve accuracy and speed. Keyboarding is a vital skill for today's students and tomorrow's successes in education, business and industry. A variety of lessons in Keyboard Champion help students master important skills in a fun an challenging way. Lessons begin with practicing the home row keys and gradually advance to typing full sentences.

Accuracy is presented as a percent and words per minute are reported for each lesson. A special option allows the user to hide the keyboard labels so they can only rely on memory for recalling the position of the keys.

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Select a Skill to Practice by Selecting Any of the Lessons.

Practice an appropriate keyboarding skill and work to achieve perfect accuracy and speed. Once a skill has been, selected randomly generated challenges appear on the screen. The student types letters by tapping the keyboard buttons.

A scoreboard reports a student's progress showing the accuracy percent and words per minute for each lesson.

This game are challenging and fun. The game provides fast action as students tap the screen to enter the correct keys for randomly generated ketters and sentences.

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